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Jipelec JetFirst Rapid Thermal Annealler (RTA)

RTA annealling up to 1200 oC at ramp rates up to 300 oC/s in nitrogen gas. The system can process wafers up to 150 mm.


AVT PEO 601 Oxidation Furnace

The AVT PEO 601 oxidation furnace has the ability to grow thermal SiO2 and SiOxN1-x up to 1100 oC at ramp rates up to 100 oC/min for a wafer batch or 20 oC/s for single wafers. The system can take 25 off 100 mm diameter wafers. Gases include O2, N2O, N2 and forming gas.

Wet oxidation

3 quartz furnace tubes with 2 inch capability for wet oxidation.