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The following is a list of the academic staff at Glasgow who undertake research in the JWNC clean room and supervise PhD students. All telephone numbers require the prefix of +44 141 330 from outside the U.K. and 0141 330 from inside the U.K..

Director: Prof Iain Thayne Engineering3859 Iain.Thayne@glasg ow.ac.uk
Operations: Dr Arthur Smith Engineering 6670 Arthur.Smith@glasgow.ac.uk
Prof Sandy Cochran Engineering3317 Sandy.Cochran@glasgow.ac.uk
Prof Jon Cooper Engineering4931 Jon.Cooper@glasgow. ac.uk
Prof David Cumming Engineering5233 David.Cumming.2@g lasgow.ac.uk
Dr Ravinder Dahiya Engineering5653 Ravinder.Dahiya @glasgow.ac.uk
Dr Phil Dobson Engineering4314 Phil.Dobson@glasgo w.ac.uk
Dr Khalid Elgaid Engineering6678 Khalid.Elgaid@glas gow.ac.uk
Prof Thomas Franke Engineering2466 Thomas.Frank e@glasgow.ac.uk
Dr Nikolaj Gadegaard Engineering5243 Nikolaj.Ga degaard@glasgow.ac.uk
Dr Andrew Glidle Engineering 0928Andrew.Glidle@glas gow.ac.uk
Prof Robert Hadfield Engineering 4929Robert.Hadfield@glasgow.ac.uk
Prof Richard Hogg Engineering Richard.Hogg@glasgow.ac.uk
Prof David Hutchings Engineering6026 David. Hutchings@glasgow.ac.uk
Dr Nigel Johnson Engineering4110 Nigel.Johnson@glas gow.ac.uk
Dr Tony Kelly Engineering8443 Anthony.Kelly@gl asgow.ac.uk
Prof John Marsh Engineering5858 John.Marsh@glasg ow.ac.uk
Dr Stephen McVitie Physics 6895 s.mcvitie@physic s.gla.ac.uk
Dr David Moran Engineering4106 David.Moran@glas gow.ac.uk
Dr Steven Neale Engineering4794 Steven.Neale@glas gow.ac.uk
Prof Val O'Shea Physics 5882 v.oshea@physics.gla .ac.uk
Prof Douglas Paul Engineering5219 Douglas.Paul@glas gow.ac.uk
Dr Mathis Riehle Molecular Cell 2931 Mathis.Riehle@gl asgow.ac.uk
& Systems Biology
Dr Marc Sorel Engineering5229 Marc.Sorel@glasg ow.ac.uk
Dr Stephen Thoms Engineering5656 Stephen.Thoms@gl asgow.ac.uk
Dr Edward Wasige Engineering8662 Edward.Wasige@gla sgow.ac.uk
Prof John Weaver Engineering5656 Jonathan.Weaver@gla sgow.ac.uk
Dr Huabing Yin Engineering4109 Huabing.Yin@glas gow.ac.uk
Dr Haiping Zhou Engineering3236 Haiping.Zhou@gla sgow.ac.uk
Emeritus Staff
Prof Richard De La RueEngineering Richard.DeLaRue@glasgow.ac.uk
Prof Andrew Long Physics4712 Andrew.Long@glas gow.ac.uk
Prof Colin Stanley Engineering Colin.Stanley@glasgow.ac.uk