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Outside the cleanroom, there is a singificant amount of optical characterisation tools as described below.

Commercial access to all these facilities is undertaken by Kelvin Nanotechnology.


10 GB/s and 40 GB/s Telecomm Testing Systems2 Pulsed Laser

Bit Error Rate Test: Advantest D3286 error detector with a D3186 pulse pattern generator.


Pritel UOC-3 Mode-locked Fibre Laser

This is a turn key fibre laser designed for use as an ultrafast optical clock.


Agilent 8703A Lightwave Component Analyser

Calibrated frequency response from 300 kHz to 20 GHz modulation frequency for 1300 nm and 1550 nm wavelength operation. 50 dB optical dynamic range.


Wide Bandwidth Oscilloscopes

Agilent DCA 86100C and Rohde and Schwarz RTO1012 wide bandwidth oscilloscopes.


RF Spectrum Analysers

Rohde and Schwarz FSV40 and HP 8564E RF spectrum analysers


Optical Spectrum Analysers

Rohde and Schwarz Q8384 and Agilent 86140B optical spectrum analysers with Femtochrome FR-103XL autocorrelator and high resolution Coherent optical spectrum analyser.


Passive Optical Waveguide Testing

Photonics Tunics-PR and Agilent 8164A tunable lasers. Coherent OPA 9400 optical parametric amplifier. Ti-Sa and Nd-YAG lasers.


M Squared Lasers Sprite 30 fs, 800 mW Ti:Sa Laser

This turn-key mode-locked Ti:Sa laser operating at 800 nm that provides 30 fs pulses at 100 MHz with average output powers of 800 mW. The system is set up in a time domain system using non-linear crystals and photoconductive antenna to allow THz spectroscopy between 60 GHz and 5 THz. The system is being used for gain measurements of THz quantum cascade lasers.


Edinburgh Instruments Far Infrared Laser

This laser delivers CW output between 0.25 and 7.5 THz with output powers up to 180 mW at 2.54 THz (the power is dependent on the molecular line being used).


Edinburgh Instruments MTL3 TEA CO2 Pulsed Laser

This laser delivers average power up to 50 W in ns pulses (up to 150 MJ per pulse) and is used for optical pumping at the CO2 wavelengths between 9.1 and 10.9 µm.


mm-wave and THz FTIR

Two vacuum Bruker 66 vs Fourier Transfor Infra Red (FTIR) spectroscopy systems with a QMC liquid He cooled Si-bolometer and beam splitters that allow power measurements, polarisation and spectra to be obtained between 60 GHz and 18 THz (about 16 µm).


Mid and Near Infrared FTIR

A Bruker Vertex 70 Fourier Transfor Infra Red (FTIR) spectroscopy systems that allows power measurements, polarisation and spectra to be obtained between 900 nm and 18 µm.