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Below are links to BBC Scotland web pages showing videos of research from the James Watt Nanofabrication Centre which have appeared on BBC television programmes.

MEMS mass

Quantum Imaging Centre opens in Glasgow

The UK Quantum Technology Hub for Quantum Enhanced Imaging was launched on the 24th February 2015. A MEMS based gravity imaging system being developed with JWNC fabricated technology is highlighted in a BBC Scotland News article.


Nanotechnology under the microscope

How can we make the internet greener? How can physics contribute to national security? These are just two of the questions being answered at Glasgow University's James Watt Nanofabrication Centre. Here they measure their achievements in nanometres - billionths of a metre. Now its director, Prof Douglas Paul, has been awarded the prestigious President's Medal by the Institute of Physics. It's been given to just a handful of scientists, among them the inventor of the world wide web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, and the physicist and broadcaster Brian Cox.

Queen's Head

Nanofabrication of a Diamond Queens Head

Scientists at Glasgow University have come up with a unique way of the marking the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. They have put the Queen's head on the world's smallest commemorative coin. Appropriately enough it is made from a sliver of diamond which is 200 times thinner than a human hair fabricated in the James Watt Nanofabrication Centre by electron beam lithography. BBC Scotland's science correspondent Kenneth Macdonald went looking for that very small coin.

Nano techniques to help stem cells self-repair hip joints.

A team of researchers at Glasgow University has announced a new technique which could mean hip replacements that last a lifetime. It involves creating a tiny pattern of holes in plastic which persuade the body's own stem cells to turn into bone. This nanopatterning was undertaken at the James Watt Nanofabrication Centre.