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New molecular flash memory demonstrated using nanowires fabricated in the JWNC is published in Nature.

The Director of the Centre is awarded the 2014 IoP President's Medal.

Sub-10 nm nanowires. Research published in Nano Letters determines the electronic performance limits of sub-10 nm Si nanowires.

Electrical Vortex Emitters. Research demonstrating ultra-compact electrical vortex emitters has been published in Nature Communications.

New cluster tool arrives in Glasgow. A new £2M cluster tool with ALD, ICP RIE and ICP PECVD arrives in Glasgow.

Cleanroom expansion completed. A new 150 m2 extension to the JWNC has been completed in 10 weeks.

Gravity-beating ultrasonic tweezers provide a sound route to bio-engineering. Work at Glasgow has enabled ultrasonic tweezer technology to be refined and miniaturised.

The sonic screwdriver than can turn cells tartan. Recent research, published in Lab on Chip, shows that cell patterning using a specific kind of sonic screwdriver - a Heptagon Acoustic Tweezer - may soon be in a position to deliver important results.

The touchy-feely robot coming soon. Dr Ravinder Dahiya has won a EPSRC's Fellowship for Growth programme to undertake research on tactile electronic skin.

New Centre for Doctoral Training

The University of Glasgow and Queens University of Belfast, along with 12 industry partners, are creating a cutting-edge centre for training an initial 50 PhD students in integrative photonics and its applicability to data storage and information processing.

Glasgow wins £3M award from EPSRC for new equipment. The JWNC has been awarded £3M in the EPSRC Capital for Great Technologies awards.

Superspectral Camera. Glasgow has been awarded £1.5M to produce the first superspectral camera from visible to THz wavelengths.

More than Moore. Profs David Cumming and Douglas Paul from Glasgow are chairing a workshop at the Royal Society discussion what comes after Moore's Law.

Portable High-Precision Quantum Clock. Collaborative work been Strathclyde, Imperial and Glasgow Universities along with NPL have demonstrated a high-precision, portable quantum clock.

Energy Efficient GaN Power Electronics. Glasgow is leading a UK academic and industrial project aiming to produce more efficient power switches that could save up to 9% of UK electricity consumption.

Kelvin-Rutherford Nanotechnology Services. STFC, the University of Glasgow and Kelvin Nanotechnology have formed a new venture to deliver complete nanofabrication services.

Si Photonics Vortex Emitters. Work published on the cover of Science demonstrate the first vortex light emitters using Si photonics.

Queen's Diamond Jubilee. The world's smallest commemorative coin has been created to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

Smallest Silicon Nanowire Sensors. Work is being presented at the EIPBN conference in Hawaii demonstrating Si nanowire sensors of 4 nm width.

New MSc in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. Students can now learn the techniques Glasgow has developed to pioneer nanoscience and nanotechnology research and products.

NEW PhD Topics. Student project topics for PhD study in the JWNC starting September 2012.

Stem cell-powered implant set to revolutionise orthopaedic surgery.

Nano pits extend the lifetime of hip joint replacements.

Researchers at Glasgow fabricate the smallest colour Chinese New Year Card. The 300 micron wide card was written using the tools in the JWNC and wishes health and prosperity during the Year of the Dragon.

Researchers at Glasgow presented results at the EIPBN Conference which demonstrated 2.5 nm single HSQ resist lines using electron beam lithography. This is the smallest reported features using the technique.

Prof Anne Glover is presenting the benefits of nanotechnology to the Scottish Parliament using results and demonstrations from Glasgow including the smallest edition of the Complete Works of Robert Burns, fabricated in the James Watt Nanofabrication Centre, August 2011

Recent results demonstrating nanoscale surfaces which provide long-term maintenance of mesenchymal STEM cells phenotype and multipotency have been published in Nature Materials and the BBC website, July 2011

New Oxford ICP RIE installed at the James Watt Nanofabrication Centre, July 2011

Report in Semiconductor Today

Report in Electronics Weekly

Report in Compute Scotland

Report in Compound Semiconductor

James Watt Nanofabrication Centre exhibiting at the JEMI S2K meeting.

Silicon all optical wavelength conversion results published in Nature Comms..

JEMI Technical Meeting at the JWNC.

Thermoelectrics work from Glasgow present at TSB Thermoelectrics Energy Solutions meeting.

EPSRC III-V National Facility.

The World's Smallest Christmas Card.

The World's Smallest Diamond Transistor.

The World's Smallest University Crest.