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Glasgow has been making true nanoelectronic devices for over 20 years. Our capability includes 10 nm T-gate transistors and 40 nm fully integrated self-aligned gate stacks.

Most of the research is undertaken by the Micro and Nanotechnology Group - School of Engineering.

The research was undertaken as part of the former Electronics and Electrical Engineering Department at Glasgow.

1 nm gap

1 nm Gaps Between Metal Electrodes: Beating the Proximity Effect

P. Steinmann and J.M.R. Weaver "Fabrication of sub-5 nm gaps between metallic electrodes using conventional lithographic techniques" J. Vac. Sci. Technol. 22(6), 3178 (2005): doi:110.1116/1.1808712

T-gate HEMT

10 nm T-gate HEMTs

S. Bentley et al. "Two methods for realising 10 nm T-gate lithography" Microelec. Eng. 86, 1067 (2009): doi:10.1016/j.mee.2008.12.029

T-gate HEMT

22 nm T-gate HEMTs

S. Bentley et al. "Fabrication of 22 nm T-gates for HEMT applications" Microelec. Eng. 85, 1375 (2008): doi:10.1016/j.mee.2008.01.058

T-gate HEMT

50 nm T-gate HEMTs operating with fT = 440 GHz

K. Elgaid et al. "50 nm T-gate metamorphic GaAs HEMTs with fT of 440 GHz and noise figure of 0.7 dB at 26 GHz" IEEE Elec. Dev. Lett. 26, 784 (2005): doi:10.1109/LED.2005.857716



R.J.W. Hill et al. "Enhancement-mode GaAs MOSFETs with an In0.3Ga0.7As channel, a mobility over 5000 cm2/V.s, and a transconductance of over 475 µS/µm" IEEE Elec. Dev. Lett. 28, 1080 (2007): doi:10.1109/LED.2007.910009



R.J.W. Hill et al. "1 µm gate length In0.75Ga0.25As channel, thin body n-MOSFET on InP substrate with transconductance of 737 µS/µm" Elec. Lett. 44, 498 (2008): doi:10.1049/el:20080470


Self-aligned 100 nm Gatelength III-V CMOS

X. Li et al. "Fully self-aligned process for fabricating 100 nm gate length enhancement mode GaAs metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors" J. Vac. Sci. Technol. 27, 3153 (2009): doi:10.1116/1.3256624

Gunn diode

Planar Gunn Diodes

A. Khalid et al. "A Planar Gunn Diode Operating Above 100 GHz" IEEE Elec. Dev. Lett. 28, 849 (2007): doi:10.1109/LED.2007.904218


The smallest gate-length diamond transistor of 50 nm

D.A.J. Moran et al. "Processing of 50 nm gate-length hydrogen terminated diamond FETs for high frequency and high power applications" Microelec. Eng. 8, 1067 (2009): doi:10.1016/j.mee.2010.11.029


Thermal Al2O3 Passivated GaN FETs

S. Taking et al. "Surface passivation of AlN/GaN MOS-HEMTs using ultra-thin Al2O3 formed by thermal oxidation of evaporated aluminium" Elec. Lett. 46, 301 (2010): doi:10.1049/el.2010.2781