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The James Watt Nanofabrication Centre is part of the EPSRC III-V National Facility along with the Universities of Sheffield, Cambridge and Nottingham. U.K. Universities can apply to access the facility as part of EPSRC grants. EPSRC already pay for some manpower and technical support for projects (on a first come, first served basis) making access to the facility a relatively cheap addition to most proposals.

The nanofabrication facilities and expertise at Glasgow is available for both material grown as part of the EPSRC III-V National Facility and also for material from other sources.

To obtain a quotation either to submit with a proposal or to access the facility please contact

Dr Douglas MacIntyre (Tel: +44 141 330 6670, E-mail: douglas.macintyre@glasgow.ac.uk)

or Dr Stephen Thoms (Tel: +44 141 330 5656, E-mail: stephen.thoms@glasgow.ac.uk)

A process request form can be downloaded here.