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New cluster tool arrives in Glasgow

The James Watt Nanofabrication Centre in Glasgow, UK, has recently had the delivery of a cluster tool from Oxford Instruments purchased from a £3M EPSRC Capital for Great Technologies awards to improve the energy efficiency performance of electronic and optoelectronic devices for a large range of applications. The announcement of the award can be found in an older news item - click here


The equipment award is in collaboration with the Oxford Instruments, National Physical Laboratory, the National Microelectronics Institute and Gas Sensing Solutions. Hence the work will have direct commercial exploitation potential and routes through UK companies in addition to improving exports for UK manufacturing industry. Glasgow has a long reputation in the successful exploitation of research which goes all the way back to James Watt's invention and commercialisation of the condenser for the steam engine. Recent start-ups related to the research on which this award is based include Intellemetrics, Intense, Kymata, Kelvin Nanotechnology, Gold Standard Simulations, Mode Diagnostics and Xanic. In addition to spinout formation, the University of Glasgow also pioneered the use of Easy Access IP, a fast track route for the transfer of knowledge and experience from universities into industry to allow maximum benefit from funded research to the UK economy and society.

The new equipment will benefit a large range of academic and industrial projects at Glasgow. This includes:

Installation of the tool is now in progress and the tool is expected to be available for use by the end of the year.